5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan page allows you a venue to create a dynamic, interactive experience with your audience. There are a lot of things that you can do with building out your fan page and adding bells and whistles such as fancy apps. I want to keep it simple here and offer 5 basic tips that you can do right away – no excuses like “I am not a techie person”!

1. Make the most of your logo

The logo image can be a great way to communicate what you do. Instead of just a picture of yourself or a little square with your company name, increase the length of the graphic (width is fixed) so that you have room to include your tagline, a few bullet points of your specialty, and maybe your website and Twitter info.

2. Beef up the Info tab

Put as much relevant information about your company as you can in the Info tab. People who want to find out more about your company will go to that tab. Make sure you include your website URL and a way to contact you.

3. Get more likes and a vanity URL

One way to get more “likes” is to invite friends (under the Admin section) to like your page. When you get 25 ore more “likes”, you can get a vanity URL that reads “www.facebook.com/your-choice-of-name” instead of “www.facebook.com/a-long-string-of-numbers”.

4. Make it rich and engaging

Post 1 – 2 daily updates and vary your content by posting article links from various sources (including yours!) as well as time-sensitive contents.

5. Create two-way conversations with your tribe

Ask questions, do a poll, interact with your fans and reply to their comments. Make their experience with your brand engaging.

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