5 Ways To Get the Most Out of Pinterest

The way you pin can make a difference in how useful Pinterest can be to your business. Here are a few ways to get Pinterest to work harder for you and your business:

  1. Your profile – fill in as much details as you can: a clear description of who you are, what you do, your tagline, the BENEFITS you bring to your clients (not just your “title”); and your website URL. Include a professional-looking picture (doesn’t have to look “stiff!) that reflects your brand – people trust those who post a picture and show that they are a “real person”. Link your account to FB or Twitter as you see fit.
  2. Name your boards – give your business-related boards catchy titles that encapsulates the benefits and highlights of your offerings.
  3. Link back to your website – after posting each pin, make sure you click “edit” and add your website URL to the “link” field. It can go to your blog, your sales page, whatever is most relevant to the content of the pin. Now every time someone clicks on your image, they will be taken to your website!
  4. Keyword – don’t skim on writing a good description! Strategic use of keyword can help people find you on the search function.
  5. Use more images on your site – add images to your web pages/blog posts so that people can pin the image and link back to your site. A good  resource for free stock photos is stock.xchng, and you can simply give photo credit at the bottom of your page or in the caption area (e.g. “photo credit: photo by [name]/stock.xchng”
  6. Add Pinterest as a sharing option on your site – if there is sharing option on your website, make sure you add Pinterest as an sharing option (along with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon etc.)

Check out and follow Slideberry’s board on Pinterest!

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  1. I agree, Pinterest is one of my favorite Sites.
    Did you check out Mark Zuckerberg’s profile : http://www.pinterest.com/zuck

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