5 Ways to Get Consultations Fast

Learned these few tips from Bill Baren.

Getting prospect to do a free consult with you is one of the best way to fill your practice fast. (Instead of “free consult”, call it something else such as a “complimentary [your specialty] Breakthrough Session”, and attach a dollar value to it)

Here are 5 ways to get consultations fast:

  1. Do your signature talk as often as you can – if you don’t have a big following, an easy way is to get invited as guest speaker at someone else’s event. Make sure the attendees are your target audience.
  2. Offer a free consult to your strategic alliance that they can include in the package deals they offer their clients. It’s a win-win-win situation. Your partner gets to increase the value of their packages, without doing a thing! You get to increase the number of consults you get in your door, and of course the client gets to find out how your service can help them!
  3. Offer your free consult to your strategic alliance to post on their newsletter – include a deadline or a limited number of sessions you are offering, to increase the sense of urgency.
  4. Offer your free consult to your referral partners, so that when they feel more comfortable telling their contact about your work.
  5. Instead of a free consult, you can position them as information gathering type of interview. You go through the free consult process, and tell the “interviewees” about your program. Instead of getting them to sign up, you ask for feedback on your process, your package, and what benefits they perceive this program can provide. This is a low pressure way of spreading the word on your offerings, and who know, the “interviewee” may just sign up for your service!

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