5 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Having a website is only the beginning of successfully marketing online. Now you have to get people to visit (i.e. drive traffic) your spankin’ new sparkly website. And you want to drive quality traffic – visitors who are actually your target market and are likely to buy from you.

Here are a few tips to increase traffic to your website:

  • Optimize your content. Identify keywords that are used to search for the type of products and services you offer and work them into the text on your site. This can help your SEO ranking. These keywords should ideally appear a few times in your titles, the first 1 – 2 paragraphs of the page, and sprinkled throughout the article. However, don’t overdo it – Google will penalize your for that. If you have a WordPress site, get plugins such as All-In-One SEO or Yoast, which you can add “SEO Title” and “Meta Keyword” to all your posts and pages – this is great if getting the keywords into your title and articles is challenging.
  • To help you find the right keywords, use Google Ad Words to get insight into which ones are more competitive and how many searches they get per month. You can try looking up phrases or questions – and use those phrases or questions as your blog title. You can also use tools such as Keyword Spy to help you, see this post for details.
  • Use Alt Tags for Images. Search engine can’t “see” image, but they can “see” alt tags just like html text. This is just as important as tagging the text if you want search engines to notice you.
  • Submit your website URL to search engine directories.
  • Add sharing buttons to your blog posts to help your fans spread the word for you – word of mouth of powerful.

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  2. […] the content on your website, make sure that it is keyword-optimized to boost your SEO ranking. See this blog post for more […]

  3. […] the content on your website, make sure that it is keyword-optimized to boost your SEO ranking. See this blog post for more […]

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