Not Getting “Yes!”? 5 Tips To Troubleshoot Your Sales Message

You offer great programs. You are super confident that your clients will get great results that will change their lives forever.

You have kick-butt sales page, you do awesome presentations.

You manage to paint a vivid picture of what people will get when they work with you. You dig into the challenges of your niche and they feel it.

But… you are not converting like gangbuster. hmm.

Here is one often overlooked piece in sales copy or communications.

You see, when people invest, they want to know that they can actually achieve the results you promised. If they feel that the results are too much of a “pie in the sky” and that there is no way they can make it happen for themselves, they would think “yeah that’s nice”, but they won’t take action with you.

To prevent that from happening, here are a few things you can look for to “troubleshoot” your message and copy:

  • Does the way you communicate the outcome/benefits of your offerings seem realistic, attainable, and doable for your audience?
  • Are the outcomes of working with you address their immediate challenges?
  • Does the messaging make your audience feel empowered? Do they believe that there is something they can do (by following your program) to change their circumstances and overcome their challenges? If they don’t believe they can make things different for themselves and do something to change their circumstances, they won’t take action.
  • After digging into the pain, and twisting the knife a little, are you leaving your audience hanging? If your audience are left in the state of “despair” they may not be motivated to take action. Include in your materials content that will inspire and empower them to take action. Show them the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Are you overloading them with what you are delivering? Your intention is to show value, but they may get overwhelmed, feeling that they won’t be able to learn and implement everything – which means they may think they won’t be getting results and they won’t take action. Make the process feel easy – minimum time and effort, maximum results.

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