5 Tips To Get Awesome on LinkedIn

You have been connecting with people on LinkedIn, and you have dutifully filled out your profile. You even have your professional-looking picture uploaded (you did, right?) Now what?

  1. Set up a company profile with a logo, detailed description of your offerings and links to your website. (www.LinkedIn.com/companies)
  2. Ask for recommendations – good recommendations can boost your credibility. You will have the chance to review the recommendations before they are posted on your profile.
  3. Join groups – those with people in the same field as you are, as well as those where your potential clients hang out. Participate in-group discussions – position yourself as an expert by providing value and sharing your content (e.g. links to your blog posts).
  4. Participate in LinkedIn Answers (www.linkedin.com/answers) – again, this will help boost your expert status and you can connect with people who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.
  5. Explore apps that will help you power up your profile. E.g. WordPress displays your latest blog if you have a wordpress site; Tweets shows your tweets on your profile; Polls allows you to conduct a survey to better understand the needs of your niche.

WordPress app on profile

Want more tips on social media? Watch out for the “80+ Things You Can Do Right Now To Boost Your Social Media Presence” Guide that is coming out soon in our Online Marketing Awesomeness series.

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  1. Thanks for this article Ling. I am relatively new to Linkedin so am still finding my way around.

    • ling says:

      glad you find this helpful!
      I will be posting more articles on social media… stay tuned!

  2. Good stuff, Ling! Thanks for the links here. I was wondering more about putting my logo on the site; where do I do that?


    • ling says:

      not sure if you can do that on the personal profile page… you can definitely do that if you set up a company page.

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