5 Must-Have Elements for Your Opt-In Free Gift

You are putting together a free gift to entice opt-in – great!

You have found out that one “gateway problem” your target market has – something that you can help them with by sharing some tips in a special report that won’t take you a week to create – awesome!

You even have the content typed up and ready to roll… but before you share your PDF with the world, make sure that it contains the following elements so that it will work harder to help you connect with your audience and market your offerings:

  • A professional-looking cover page. I don’t mean stiff, but the cover page should be on-brand and match your other touch-points, such as your website. Besides the title and maybe a sub-head, include your logo, your name/company name, as well as your website URL.
  • Header and/or footer with the title of your special report, your company name, your website URL and your contact info (e.g. email address and/or phone number)
  • An “About” page – just like meeting someone for the first time, you want to tell him/her a little bit about yourself and your business. You don’t just meet a person and then say “hey, let me tell you my top 10 weight loss tips”, right?
  • State the problem – have content to help you cultivate awareness about the problem, if applicable. There may be a gap between your audience’s perception of their problem and the solution that you are offering. E.g.  you are a gluten-free expert. Your special report tells people how to resolve their digestive issues through gluten-free lifestyle. You will probably want to tell people that their digestive issues may be related to gluten intolerance, before they would understand the value of your offerings.
  • Next step – tell the readers how they can get more support from you. If they find your information valuable, don’t deny them the chance to get additional support from you! You can invite them to a discovery session (this is the very least you can do, even if you don’t have a program in place!) or you can share information on your programs and services. Include information on how they can take the next step – email/call you to set up their discovery session, or a URL to read more about your programs.

Now, you are ready to hook up your freebie!

Want additional support to get your freebie up and running in no time so you can start growing your list? Check out our “Hook Up Your Freebie” service – besides getting the “tech stuff” taken care of for you, I also help you edit your materials so that they work harder to help you connect with your audience and build your business.

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  1. Hi Ling,

    I have recently released my eBook. I have done quite a good job there 🙂

    I am impressed with your attitude regarding follow up after the eBook giveaway. People who choose to opt-in do want more information. This is why we MUST continue to give valuable information and other support.
    Excellent sharing!

    My next step is to give away the e-copy of ‘Think and Grow Rich’, After that, there will be plenty of helpful tips and links to useful resources. Any more suggestion from you, Ling?

    Viola The Business Mum

    • ling says:

      hi Viola,
      Congrats on the release of your ebook!
      You can give away a free chapter of your ebook to give people a taste, and you can set up a sub-list of these folks with whom you can follow up… and maybe a special discount or extra bonus if they go on and purchase your ebook.
      In anything you give away as a list building effort, remember to let people know how they can get further support from you!
      good luck!


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