5 Must-Have Elements For a Successful Preview Call

Preview call is a teleseminar or webinar you can use to launch a program or product, introducing it to your potential clients and allow them a chance to get to know you and your materials better. It is a great way to build and enhance the “Know, Like and Trust” factor, and whet your audience’s appetite for more knowledge that you are providing in your product.

Here are the 5 elements to include in any preview call to help you engage your audience and increase sale:

  1. Your story – it’s a great way to give your audience a chance to get to know and like you, thereby building trust. Make sure you tell a story that is related to the product or program that you are offering, to share what you have overcome or figured out and show that therefore your knowledge can help them.
  2. Your target audience’s pain point – tap into the emotions and what the cost is of not taking action.
  3. Outcome that your program or product delivers – highlight the benefits and results of your offering, again, tap into the emotions of having the pain removed or resolved.
  4. Social proof – testimonials and success story. You can even invite your clients to tell their stories on the call.
  5. Motivator – give people reason to act right away.E.g. limited time or quality bonuses, early bird pricing.

To go the extra mile, engage your audience on the call by creating a worksheet to fill out during the call, open the call to Q&A, or do a “door prize” for those attending the call live.

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