5 Elements of a Successful Freebie

We all know that simply putting a “Sign up here to get our free email newsletter” box on your side bar is NOT ENOUGH to entice people (except your mom and your cat) to give you their email address in exchange for more “stuff” in their already overflowing inbox. You need to offer a free giveaway that will make your target market feel that the information you are offering is important to them enough that they will give you their email address.

Here are 5 elements to consider when you are creating your freebie that will help you attract more folks to sign up, and to make it work harder for you – beyond capturing email addresses:

1. Title and Content:  the content of your giveaway must be relevant to your target market. Base your content on what their biggest challenges and desires are. The title of your freebie should capture your target market’s attention – with a claim that your content will help them solve their problems.

2. Format: choose a format that you are comfortable with, doesn’t take you all day to create, and resonate with your audience. If you are not comfortable with videos yet, don’t try to make a 30-minute video! If you have a great voice and people connect well with you when they hear you, you may want to consider doing an audio. If your target market is busy moms who are always on the go, an audio freebie that they can listen to while driving may be more practical than a 30-page PDF special report which they don’t have time to read, or a 45-minute video that they need to sit still in front of the computer to watch.

3. About You: assuming this is an initial encounter between you and your audience, you want to make sure the freebie includes a section where you introduce yourself and your services. Tell a story to connect with your audience emotionally. Outline the benefits of your services to show them why they should learn more about your work.

4. Avoid Information Overload: don’t bore your audience with 10 pages of data and facts. Instead, focus the content on easy to digest, easy to implement solutions that they can try right away, experience good results and come back for more. Remember, this is a “free taste” – you don’t have to write a thesis dissertation or give away the store! If the content is taking you more than a few hours to create, you may be over-thinking it – don’t underestimate the power of a few succinct, relevant bullet points.

5. Call-To-Action(s): don’t forget to tell your audience what their next step(s) should be if they resonate with your work. It can be as simple as contacting you for a discovery session, or you can “graduate” them to an entry-level information product. Make sure you have your contact information on your freebie, and if it’s a PDF, you can even put this call-to-action on the header or footer area so that it appears on every page (helpful if your audience prints out the pages)

Want to have a freebie on your website, but intimidated by all the content creation, formatting, and actually setting up the forms in your newsletter service provider, struggling with the code to get that sign up thingie on your website?

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