Client Spotlight :: 4 Weeks To Finding Her True Voice

biophotosmallsizeDana Dinnawi (Empowered Wellness, is a model gold-star client. She was determined to get the most out of our 4 weeks together – she took massive action and was not afraid to look at what was holding her back.

When we first talked, Dana was plugging along nicely with a couple of detox programs but deep down, she wanted to bring more to her clients. She had a “boilerplate” 6-month program from her nutrition school that did not resonate with her, and the 6-month length was just too long, too “dragged-out” for her intense personality.

Her entry-level detox programs were making her some money, but they were not positioned properly to attract her ideal clients. As a result, she had a hard time getting the detox-ers to graduate to her high-end coaching program – and that was very frustrating for her.

We focused on finding her voice and translating it into her signature system and high-end coaching program during the 4-week Intensive Coaching Program. Our strategy was to get clear on her message, design her signature system and high-end program, then position the entry-level detox programs in a way that will attract her ideal clients who would want more of her and sign up for her private coaching program.

We focused on finding her voice and translating it into her signature system and high-end coaching program during the 4-week Intensive Coaching Program. She made big strides, gained the confidence to step up as a powerful coach, and is now feeling excited about her next chapter.

Without further ado, let’s have Dana share her experience:

“I have been a health coach for one year now. I am amazed at where I am now compared to what I THOUGHT I would be today. I saw myself following IIN’s 6 month program (and I did). But as I evolved and started incorporating other knowledge into my work, worked with clients and worked on MYSELF, I realized that what I wanted to accomplish in my work went well beyond the 6 month program. Problem was — I didn’t know WHAT or HOW to put all the pieces together. I did know that my clients were going through transformations. I knew that some clients got stuck and I knew that I needed guidance as a coach in order to move forward – to provide more powerful coaching to my clients.

“Something about Ling’s style resonated with me (I have been following her for awhile) and so I set up an appointment. I think it took her 10 minutes to figure out that something was literally “stuck” in my throat — that I needed to express myself but something was holding me back. If she could have seen my face at that point, she would have seen my jaw drop.

“I did need to express myself — as a strong, powerful coach with her own agenda and vision. I don’t know at what point I had accepted that I could just be a “nice, easy going” kind of coach. That’s not what I feel deep inside. Deep inside I want to guide my clients to achieve clarity about their lives. And I don’t want to be wishy washy about it. I don’t want my clients to be wishy-washy. Ling helped me figure that out. More importantly, she made it abundantly clear that it was OK to do that. It’s OK for me to call the shots; to work according to my terms and to figure things out as I grow.

“I now have my signature system thanks to Ling. It’s’ not 100% complete (and I expect no program ever is). But it is there—written out, outlined, and ready for implementation. My sales funnel is clear. I know what I will offer and how. I have a basic 2 week program; a 28 day program and my signature 3 month program. Turns out, I don’t particularly enjoy the 6 month program format!

I am about to start the next chapter of my career, I have the blueprint for it and I am very excited!”


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