4 Steps To End “Starting Out” Overwhelm in Your Business

Recently I had quite a few people telling me that they are starting out and feeling overwhelmed – they are in the land of information overload, they have limited time and resources, they have been spinning their wheels with few results, and they don’t know where to begin. They feel scattered, and they lack focus.

There are many coaches and gurus teaching many things, and each of these programs or systems work for some people (but I also heard from many people that programs from these raved coaches don’t work for them). I strongly believe that the key is really to understand your strength, your passion, your expertise and your market so you can nail that sweet spot, and with that clarity you can devise strategies to achieve your goals – implementing a few well-executed tactics so you can cut the overwhelm, spend less time “marketing” and more time working with clients. This clarity will become a filter so you don’t have to “overthink” everything.

Sounds good on paper, you say. What can you do to get there?

1. Clarity

Spend a couple of weeks to marinate on this. Get help, get support to get clear.

What is your unique brilliance? What is your expertise? What is going to make you feel fulfilled? What do you stand for? What is your brand promise? What do you want people to get out from purchasing your product and services? How do you want to interact with your clients (e.g. 1:1, virtual, in-person, speaking…)

Spend a couple of weeks on this – even if it means staying still and seems like you are not doing anything. Stop the busy work. You want to know exactly what you want your business to do for you, so that you won’t be “reinventing” your business 6 months down the road.

With this clarity, you can filter out strategies and tactics that won’t yield the results that will bring you closer to where you want your business want to be. And you can focus your time, energy and resource on those that will move the needle the most for you, to building a business that loves you back.

2. Make a Decision

Making a decision is the first action to step into the next You.

Make decisions from a place of where you want to be/who you want to be, because you can’t be a different person if you are operating from where you are.

Who do you want to be?

Are you willing to take on the identity of this new “You”? What needs to change for you to step into this new version?

Are you willing to believe that you can achieve this? Are you willing to let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back?

Make the decision that you will step up and act from this new place.

When feeling stuck, ask “What would a [insert who you want to be] handle this situation?”

3. Take Action – MVP Style

The only way to find out if what you say you want for yourself and your business is what you really desire is… DO IT!

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product (you can read more here) – which just means that you build a small piece to test the process and learn more about the market.

Be mindful of the fine line between staying still to get clarity and taking what you have to kick into action so you can see if it works for you.

If you stay stuck in point #1, you will be thinking and journaling till you are blue but I can guarantee you that nothing will happen.

When you get to a point that feels “good enough” at #1, make the DECISION to become that new You and take some inspired ACTION.

Here are some ideas: create and promote a new free gift based on your concept and see if you get good responses. If you have a good list or social media following, you can promote an e-book or a home-study program that you can quickly create to see if the market resonates with the approach.

If you don’t take action to see if what you comes up with is viable, the ideas are just ideas swimming in your head.

You never know if a pair of  jeans fit until you try it on. It may look good in picture, but when you put it on… you can’t even bend down to tie your shoes!

Here is my story: I came up with the idea for slideberry on a Monday, and by Saturday evening, I have put up a 4-page wordpress site so people can find out about this idea and join the conversation. I didn’t have a list. I didn’t even have Mailchimp set up until 3 months in! I didn’t invest my first $17 until 6 months in! But guess what, I was doing business, building my tribe, refining my business model and finding my voice. Start somewhere.

4. Stay Open to Evolution

If you are clear who you want to be and where you want to go, tactics are just – tactics. Allow your business model, strategies, delivery format, products and services to evolve so your work can support you to become the person you want to be, doing things that you want to do. Eyes on the prize, my friend.

Breathe, enjoy the ride.

Can I ride shotgun with you? I would love to!! See how you can have my brain for 6 months.

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