4 Sales Page Secrets You Probably Don’t Know

I am a geek. I love reading sales pages. Yep, I read them for some good-clean-geek-fun then reread and dissect them for program structure strategies, sales tactics and underlying persuasion principles.

My biz coach likes to hit me up to help her with some sales page refining once in a while because unlike other people, I don’t just say “that’s nice” and walk away. I pick everything apart and challenge the why behind the “moves.”

Interesting enough, what make me BUY are rarely the words on a page. I often know if I am going to purchase something within 10 seconds of landing on a sales page, even before I finish the first paragraph.

What is the magic? TRUST and good vibe.

TRUST and good vibe happens when the author/seller truthfully expresses herself with her words. It is important because people do buy with their emotions, and as much as it is “intangible”, gut feelings do have a place in our decision making process (a lot more in buying coaching than in buying a pair of socks.)

How can you evoke this “gut feeling” of trust, and how to put the right energy behind your sales copy so you are not just “making some noise” but actually pulling the right triggers to get people to hit that BUY NOW button?

If you have been following “templates” and creating “textbook” sales pages, yet results are still coming up short, ask these 4 troubleshooting questions:

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#1 What Is Your Attitude Toward Sales Copy and Selling?

It all starts with you. I know many coaches who are great writers and speakers when talking about their expertise, but just freeze when it comes to “writing sales copy.” They think they have to be “someone else” when they write their marketing content. One of the most common “excuses” I hear is “I don’t know how to ‘do marketing.’” If you go in with this mindset, you have sunken your ship before you start sailing.

If you get all stiff and bent out of shape when you enter into the “space” of writing your copy – guess what energy you put into your content? And what is that “I can’t” mindset doing to your results? (Hint: self-fulfilling prophecy)

The fundamental of successfully “selling” anything – be it programs, info products, or cantaloupe widget, and whether it’s on the interwebs, via the phone or in person – is to “make friend” with selling.

I often hear people say “I don’t want to appear pushy or sales-y.” Fair enough, most, if not all, of us have had bad experience with pushy sales people (who are not truthful). But, be honest, did you pick up the “negative connotation” of “pushy” or sales-y” in one of those business trainings or newsletters from business coaches somewhere along the way? Do you know you can “perpetuate” something simply just by “naming” it? Are you defining being “assertive” in sales conversations as being “bad” because others say so? And you try to conform by judging yourself before you take any action…

What is YOUR definition of selling that is congruent with your expression of you?

If you have the right mindset behind selling and marketing, then you will exude the right energy to attract the right people in all your marketing content.

To get you on the path of having a love affair with your sales and marketing activities, read this post on How To Become a Natural In Your Marketing.


#2 Are You Too Dependent On Templates and Blueprints?

Templates and blueprints have their place because we don’t want to be reinventing the wheel all the time. However, I am seeing a dependency on templates as the “ultimate magic bullet” – people are misguided to think that if they follow some “formula” then they are golden.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the fountain of youth does not exist. “Plug-and-play-without-Soul” may work if you are just moving some $47 products and then call it a day. However, if you are a coach you are going to need more than that.

TRUST and EMOTIONAL CONNECTION are important factors when it comes to buying coaching. Even if you are just selling a $47 entry-level product, I am guessing you want people to graduate to a higher ticket item or service. Everything you put out there – including that sales page for the $47 product – contributes to building that trust and connection. Cookie-cutter stuff doesn’t build you trust or emotional connection because you sound just like everyone else.

The way to create that trust and emotional connection on a personal level is to show your true colors and be congruent in all your content.

I said templates and blueprints have their place and they do. I use them as a checklist to make sure I have included the necessary “persuasive elements” people need to help them make a decision. (Note: I said “help them make a decision” – that is your job. It is not your job to “force” them into saying yes.)

If I decide to omit a certain component or add something, it would be a conscious INTENTIONAL decision. I use these templates and checklists as the starting point to understand and leverage the underlying principles in persuasion and sales psychology, not as a be-all-end-all.

Copying others word for word has never worked for me. It sounded contrived and forced. The incongruence doesn’t produce consistent results.

It may be easier said than done to snap off these “templates” training wheels – they are handy clutches when you are not fully confident about yourself or what you offer (aaah, BUSTED!) Developing this confidence is not a one-step do it and forget it kind of thing – it requires constant work and it will come up over and over again as you and your message evolve.

And there are our FEARS getting into the way: the Fear of Being Not Good Enough can talk you into following others because if you fall short, there is something else to “blame” and you don’t have to face the “proof” that you are indeed not good enough. Or, the Fear of Being Vulnerable can trick you into hiding behind “templates” because if your stuff is criticized, you don’t have to own up to the fact that you suck.

(Check out this training to learn more about the 7 Primary Fears)


#3 Are You Being Consistent and Congruent?

As I mentioned earlier, TRUST is huge when it comes to making a purchasing decision when people are buying coaching.

Being consistent and congruent is essential in building trust with your audience and followers. Being one person in your newsletter and blog posts, then do a 180 and sound totally different in your “sales page” copy is not going to work, and here is why:. If you have been consistently providing huge value that your people love in your content, you have built up a big reserve of “trust” you can tap into when it’s time to promote a program or product. All you need to do is to be the “same person” when you ask for the sale because if you sound like someone else, the incongruence can break that trust and take you back to square 1.

Many people are asking a single sales page to do a lot of heavy lifting – only if they have put more attention into building up trust and emotional connection through consistent exposure and interaction, they would already be half-way there before people even look at the sales page copy.

What is the best way to consistently create and share congruent content? Be Yourself!! It is hard to pretend to be someone you are not – writing 200 words will feel like pulling teeth, and to do it every week, week in week out is draining and not sustainable.  Why not just get clear on who you are and what you do, so you can make money just by fully expressing yourself?


#4 Are You Regurgitating Buzzwords and Jargons?

This is the fastest way to make you sound just like everyone else and lose the attention of your audience.

Buzzwords might sound appealing because all the “big wigs” are using them. Sadly, when these words get to the “mainstream” (when everyone doing what you do is using them), they also lose their power because they are overused and no longer pack the level of meaning you want them to deliver.

When everybody is mindlessly using the same collection of buzzwords, they turn into white noise that flips the “tune out” switch in your potential clients’ brains – not only do the words no longer convey what you intent to communicate, you also risk losing your audience altogether.

Using jargons may make you look “smart” in front of your peers, but you risk losing your people if they have no idea what the words mean to them and for them. To be persuasive, you need to know where your ideal clients are at, and use words that resonate with them. Not only that, “naming” something and call it a day is hardly the whole story – sales happen when your prospects make the connection and understand how your products or services can help them in their lives. That means moving away from throwing around a bunch of nouns to using descriptive language to help your peeps connect the dots, see the value you provide and understand how your services can change their lives.

Simply put, use PLAIN ENGLISH and BE INTENTIONAL in your choice of word.


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