4 Pillars To CONFIDENTLY Get Paid What You Want

You KNOW you are awesome and bring exceptional transformation to your clients – worth every single penny and a lot more – yet you come up against a lot of resistance when it comes to raising your fees. In fact, you have been saying (and been told numerous times) you need to charge more… yet nothing has happened…

You are constantly under-charging, over-delivering, always discounting and/or giving away your services. You KNOW you need to stop… yet you keep getting back to that old pattern. Whenever the “money discussion” comes up, alien has overridden your brain… the number that comes out of your mouth does not reflect what you want to pay yourself!!

The ability to CONFIDENTLY state your (new, high) fee and actually getting paid what you want to get paid has a lot to do with MONEY MINDSET. But it’s not just all in the head, you also need a “support cast” so you can confidently put yourself out there and “ask for the money”.

Here are the 4 pillars that will supercharge your confidence:

1. Your Money Mindset

“If you say you can, you are right. If you say you can’t, you are right.”

An empowered relationship with money is the first step to claiming your worth. Do you have a leaky money boundary? Do you have an empowered voice when you enter money conversations? Do you know your challenges when it comes to money issues, and how to leverage your “money strength” so you can focus on what you do best in your business?

What identity do you assume around money? What are your beliefs? Are they serving you?

2. Your Target Market

Nail your target market and know what they really want allows you to speak to them in a way that THEY WILL RESPOND. “Join the conversation in their head” in your communications.

Building up to connecting with your potential clients is having positive response from your market (e.g. people joining your list, engaging in social media etc.) so you know you are on the right path and your ideal clients want your stuff. This will empower you to step up and confidently share your services.

Knowing your target market also allows you to position yourself as an expert on that topic – and people pay more to work with “experts”.

3. Your Offerings

“Reverse engineer” your programs and packages with your target market’s desired outcome in mind. Write your sales page and ask “Will my ideal client say yes to this?” and then from this sales page you know exactly what you need to include in your program to make it attractive to your target market.

Know exactly what your program includes and the benefits it delivers. Be prepared to respond to objections and questions. If you can clearly communicate why your ideal clients need to work with you right here right now and create that urgent demand and desire, you can confidently command a higher fee.

4. Your Enrollment Conversation

Design a process for your discovery session. Have an outline with all essential elements that will build up to your potential client saying “yes”. Having a defined and proven process will present you as the expert, and you can confidently lead the conversation. When you are in charge, you can guide the conversation seamlessly into how you can help your potential client, without any awkward energy when the clock hits the 45-min mark when it’s time to share information about your program!


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