4 Fundamentals To Enrolling High-Paying Clients Like Gangbuster

This comes from someone (yours truly) who loves online marketing, is pretty darn good at that website business and has built a thriving biz entirely on the interwebs…

To enroll a boatload of high-paying clients, you don’t necessary need a killer website with all the bells and whistles, and you don’t have to be a social media butterfly. You need to hone in on these 4 fundamentals that will transform how you sell, and how WELL you sell.

(I know, some people may go eeeek! when I say the words “selling”, “sales conversation” and the likes. Now, calling a spade a spade here, if you don’t sell, you don’t make enough money, then you have an expensive hobby not a business. If you are ok with that, you can leave now.)

Here is why you don’t need anything fancy to get high-paying private clients – you enroll them through a 1: 1 sales/enrollment conversation, so as long as you get everything that leads up to, and within, that conversation dialed in, you are good to go. And it can be real low-tech.

Let’s cut to the chase and see what these 4 fundamentals are.

1. Know Your Niche Inside & Out

Be specific. Very specific. Without knowing who you need to attract into an enrollment conversation and how to communicate with them, you are not going to get the right people who will jump up and down to pay you the money to solve their urgent, burning problems. No more hovering around “I want to help everyone.”

2. Have an Awesome Offer

You need to know what you are offering, and how to clearly communicate why your potential clients need your services, in order to confidently enter into an enrollment conversation. My favorite way to create a program that sells is to reverse engineer your materials from your ideal clients’ desired results and challenges. If you are not clear on what they want and what you have to offer, your hesitation and lack of confident will show through. How can you expect someone to pay you a load of money if you are not confident what benefits you can deliver?

3. Lead the Enrollment Conversation

You need to have an agenda for your enrollment conversation. You need to show why they have a problem, illuminate the pain this problem is causing them, show them the problem has a solution, highlight the cost of not taking action, and how they can take action (i.e. working with you). A well-orchestrated agenda not only helps you guide your potential clients into working with you, taking the awkwardness out of “sales conversation”, it can also deliver a couple of AHA moments for your potential clients, and give you the opportunity to coach them into taking action (with you!)

To take this one step further, you also want to put the right energy behind your conversation. This change has made such as huge difference for me (5 new clients in 7 days) – really incredible.

4. Empower Your Money Mindset

This is a biggie. We are talking about HIGH-PAYING clients here. If you don’t have an empowered mindset around money, your energy is going to dip and waver when you get to the “making the offer” part. It can show up as the inability to guide the client to make an empowered decision by enabling her excuses (and losing her as a client); it can show up as discounting your services (under-charging and over-delivery) so you end up working a ton without being fairly compensated; or it can show up as the inability to set pricing that is in alignment with your value.

Mindset “upgrade” requires a load of inner work and integration – unfortunately, there is no magic button. You can’t read a book and call it a day. Intellectual understanding is only the beginning…


If you want to go deeper into these 4 fundamentals so you can get more clients, I have good news for you! I will be announcing a FREE training soon (mid-Oct) and if you want in, sign up on the mailing list so you don’t miss a beat!

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