4 Ways to Supercharge Your Facebook Update Posting

Facebook is becoming an essential part of creating an online presence for a business. Research has shown that each Facebook like is worth $8!

Facebook is a great way to build a relationship with your target audience, find out what they want so that you can create just the right product and services that they will buy. Here are a few tips to post updates on your Facebook page so that you can attract and retain more fans:

  1. Short and sweet – posts with 80 characters or less have 27% higher engagement rate. Strong call-to-action also seems to work: “like us”, “comment below”, “read it now”.
  2. Full-length URL – using URL shorteners such as tinyurl or bit.ly may seem to make your post less clunky, but research has shown that engagement rates are 3 times higher when a full-length URL is used, not a shortened one. People are wary of clicking on links that they cannot tell where they may lead to, so a full-length URL that shows clearly the website that it will lead to may be more desirable.
  3. Timing is key – depending on your target market, you want to capture them when they are on Facebook. Unless your target is business owners who uses Facebook as part of their marketing tool kit, posting outside of normal business hours get 20% higher engagement rates. Post your updates in morning or after work hours, so that people can see them on their news feed.
  4. Know you days – different industries seem to do well on different days. In general, user engagement peaks on Thursdays and Fridays. For healthcare and beauty, Thursday seems to be the best day.

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