How I Signed 4 Clients in 4 Days “Heart & Guts” Style

Heart and GutsDuring the past months, I have been doing a lot of inner work – to get clear, to find ME. It has been a long process that came to a much higher intensity recently. I have decided that I am not just here to grow this business, my business has to contribute to my growth as well.

I did a lot of mindset and energy work to get my body, conscious and subconscious mind on board.

Last week (somewhere during and after a spinning class that depleted my brain of oxygen and probably stopped it from thinking), something clicked big time. As a result, I tossed everything I have learned – script and all – on how to conduct an “enrollment conversation” out the window. I had 4 conversations “Heart & Guts” style. As a result, I have the honor to welcome 4 new clients into my world (in just 4 days) so I can support them with their journey to “not just grow their business, but let their businesses grow them.”

What happened?

I think too much. I thought I could think my way out of every problem. I thought if I “figure it out” I would be free. I live in my head too much. I thought my way into two Ivy League schools yet I didn’t grow wings and take off like I thought I could. I was good at solving problems but never got to the heart of THE problem.

The moment I decided to do it “Heart & Guts” was liberating. Because I fired my thinking mind, I also did away with all the judgments, conclusions and expectations I have on me, others, and situations. I could breathe! I could be ME!

When I put Courage, Confidence (trust) and Intuition in the driver’s seat, magic happens. It is not an Easy Button, and it is a constant practice.


Let’s use the enrollment conversation as an example:

  1. I put out a bold and clear message refined over the course of many months (e.g. articles in the Business Soulwork section of my blog), and I was committed to shouting it out from a mountain top. As a result, potential clients who resonate with my message approach me to explore working together. There is already a rapport going on before we talk and this allowed me to show up fully as ME.
  2. I learned everything I could about sales psychology enrollment conversations. Yep, I have all the scripts, outlines and whatnots – you name it I have it. And I have been practicing a lot. Until I connect myself to the core of that energy, develop a TRUST in my process, then I toss the scripts out the window and let my “Heart & Guts” lead the way. I learned the rules before I break them.
  3. I am fully committed energetically to my clients. I literally feel the burn in my chest when I have the conversations. And it comes from the conviction I have in what I offer.
  4. I have done a LOAD of mindset work to develop the Jedi Mind Trick that seals the deal like I am asking my potential client for 10 carrots so that I can make a stew for her.
  5. I finally learn to breathe, let go and have trust. I am creating space for my clients to step in.

A little “woo-woo”? Maybe. Does it work? It does, but you need to work it to find your way. It hurts – something will burn, something will die.

Why isn’t it talked about more? Because it’s MESSY. It is not linear. It eludes “cookie-cutter” approach. It’s not like you can write a blog post called “5 Tips to Make Money From Hearts & Guts” and call it a day. That’s why I just wrote 600 words and I am not even scratching the surface.

And because it HURTS. Unless you jump off the deep end, let go of the edge of the pool, and let something inside of you die, you can’t emerge from the other side. Not exactly what you would put onto a sales page in today’s “instant gratification”, “gimme the magic bullet” society.


If you are still here – THANK YOU! I so appreciate you indulging me in my little soapbox and as a big virtual hug, I am gifting you my “Heart and Guts” Graphic Quotes pack – just click here to download – no opt-in, no hoops to jump through, no string attached. You get 5 “Heart and Guts” Graphic Quotes, 1 Facebook Cover Image you can use for your own purpose, and my “5 Principles To Having a Biz that Loves You Back”.

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If you are ready to experience the “Heart & Guts” magic, let’s chat.


(thank you Marcie, Kelly and Reilly – there is no “Heart & Guts” without your guidance, coaching, energy work, shamanic journeys and kick-butt, oxygen-depleting, big heart cycling)

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