3 Ways to Supercharge Your “Resource” Page

We have seen that many service-based websites have a “Resource” page or section. However, it’s a shame to see that many people just jam a bunch of affiliate banners on one page and call it a day. This section, if well put-together, can help you build relationship and generate more income.

The content in the Resource section needs to be curated to be relevant to your target audience. You can share retail or online stores that you recommend, products that you like, or information on practitioners in other modalities that can help your target audience – just to name a few. Instead of throwing a banner or a link onto the page, spend a few minutes to write a paragraph or two on why you are recommending that product or service, and how it can benefit your target audience.

A few ways to leverage this section:

  • Build referral relationship – tell your referral partners that if they give you a one-paragraph description of their service, you will feature them on your website. People love it – they will either reciprocate, or you can later ask them to spread the word for your workshop or your new program… they owe you one. A side note, you can also do a “Featured Partner” section in your newsletter once in a while, to the same effect.
  • Showcase products – if you integrate supplements and other products in your practice, you can showcase them here. If you have more than a few items or brands, provide a brief description on the top-level page, and a link that takes the user to the secondary level pages where you have more room for detailed descriptions.
  • Affiliate marketing – if you are part of an affiliate program, you can include a brief description and a link here – make this a curated experience, and not just a bunch of banner thrown together on a page. Make sure that the program/products that you are featuring is relevant to your audience and really resonate with you – be selective. When you link out to an external site, select to open the page in a new window when setting up the hyperlink so that people won’t navigate away from your site. Here is a blog post with more ideas on affiliate marketing.

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