3 Ways to Avoid Product/Program Launch Bomb

There are many aspects to launching a product or program successfully (and that’s why there are 6-week programs just focusing on this topic!) – here are 3 things that you can pay attention to in order to increase your chances of having a successful launch:

  • Meet Them Where They Are – ok, you have done your target market research and know that your potential buyers need information/training/instruction on topic X. But do you know whether they are at stage 2 or stage 5 of the entire process? If they are at stage 2, and you create something that caters for someone at stage 6, they are just not ready to take advantage of your product or program, no matter how great it is – because it is no relevant to them at this point in time.
  • Format of the Program/Product – this may seem tedious, but how the information is delivered can determine how useful it is for your audience (they need to be able to access the materials in order for it to be relevant to them!). E.g. if you are targeting busy moms, think how often they would have the chance to sit in front of the computer, uninterrupted, to view a 45-minute instructional video? For this segment, you would probably be better off by creating short audio files that they can listen to while on the go.
  • Your Sales Page Copy – is your sales copy appealing to your target audience? Is it tapping into their biggest desire or their worst fear? Does it speak to the challenges that they are facing? Does it focus on the benefits of your product/program (not feature)? Are you connecting with your audience at an emotional level?

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