3 Tips to Up-Level Your Marketing Message

Find Your Ideal Client

Make sure you are writing to ONE person when crafting your marketing message – your ideal client. You will be able to speak to her pain and needs, and add a healthy dose of emotions – this will make your ideal client feel like you are talking to her and her alone. You become the one and only one to deliver the solution that she needs!

Talk About the Benefits 

Yes, again, BENEFITS BENEFITS BENEFITS! Benefits relevant to your ideal client catches attention. Your prospects will ask you about the features after they sold your program to themselves after convincing themselves the benefits are exactly what they need. At least 80% benefits, at most 20% features.

Tell Your Story

What made you do this work? How is your previous experience adding uniqueness to your offering? Be personal, be vulnerable, tell your personal story that is relevant to creating connection with your ideal client. Strike a balance… don’t go on and on and on, without tying the story back to why you are the perfect person to help you prospects with their problems.


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