3 Tips to Creating a Compelling Story that Connects You with Your Target Audience (and sells your offerings)

Sharing a story that is relevant to your target market and the problems that they are trying to solve is a powerful way to connect with them, resonate with them at a deeper, more personal and emotional level, and build relationship. Your story is what makes you unique to your target market. As a health coach, your clients choose to work with you partly due to whether they feel safe and connected with you – so you want to take every opportunity to establish a connection.

These days, most people would look up your website and read about you and your offerings before they take the next step. It’s therefore more importnat than ever that you communicate a compelling story on your website to get people to take the next step with you.

Here are three points to pay attention to as you craft your compelling story:

  1. Be vulnerable and transparent about challenges you’ve struggled with, especially those similar to the problems your potential clients have. Remember, people buy with emotions, and especially in coaching, you need to relate to your target market on a deeper, more personal level.
  2. Share stories about how you invested in yourself to get solutions and results – this is a huge part of encouraging others to take the leap and invest in themselves through your offerings. If you have gone through the problems that you are now providing solution to your target market, you want to talk about the “before”, how you reached rock bottom and came to realize that you have to invest in yourself and solve the problem, what you did and what the results are for you. People love a good story – but make sure that what you share is relevant to the pressing problems that they desperately need a solution for – a solution that you can provide.
  3. Share the real-life results you’ve created for yourself to inspire your potential clients with what’s possible for them too – something along the line of “I can do it, so can you”. The more your target market identifies with you, the more effective this can be. Also, a picture speaks a thousand words – include a nice picture of you looking healthy and happy is a great way to convince and connect with your audience.

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