3 Secrets to Building a Loyal List of Returning Clients

  • People who have bought from you are 40% more likely to buy from you again (I assume you have awesome products and services, right?)
  • The average cost of generating sales from existing clients/customers is lower than the cost of generating and getting sales from new leads

Cultivating a list of loyal and returning clients and customers with high life-time value can be one of the most cost-effective thing you can do to grow your business (I do a lot of that, and my spending on marketing is peanut… or even just pine nut).

A basic principle to stick by is to keep in mind that your subscribers are NOT numbers on your list. You want to treat them as your friends, show that you genuinely care. You want to write conversationally, in your own voice, as if you are talking to a friend.

Here are the 3 secrets to loving up your list:

1. Relevant and Valuable Content

Give them great content that can help them with their challenges. You want them to know that you are a valuable resource, and you understand their problems. Don’t be shy about sharing your products and services as a way to help them with their problems – if they find the content you give to be helpful, they will appreciate a way to learn more about how you can help them go further.

2. List-Only Special Discount and Perks

Give your subscribers even more reason to stick with you by offering perks for your list only – this will make them feel special. Some ideas are exclusive discount to your products or services, or first dibs to join your programs with limited quantity bonuses.

If you are on my list (sign up box is on the right if you are not!! –>) you may recall a while back I did a list-only discount for a new Done-For-You Presentation that I launched. Not only folks really appreciate this special perks (I got more than a handful of thank you emails!), but I also made a good chunk of change over the limited time offer!

3. Cultivate Relationship

Take good care of your clients and customers. I always keep an eye out on what my “gold star” clients are up to – e.g. on Facebook – or check in once in a while. If I come across a resource that I think would benefit one of my clients, I would send a personal email to share the information. When my loyal, returning clients purchase more materials from me, I would give them one of my information products as a thank you gift. Small gesture of appreciation can really go a long way. You can create a few special reports or handout packets, and keep them handy for this purpose.

To effectively convert your subscribers into clients, you need to effectively communicate with them. Find out how in this “30 Tactics to Boost Your Email Marketing” Guide.


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