3 Principles + 15 Months = 6 Figure

A few days ago I shared my updated “About” page and got some great responses – including folks who asked me how I brought Slideberry to hit the 6-figure mark in just 15 months, while having 2 kids and working 25-hour weeks.

There is no “get rich quick” scheme. There is no magic potion.


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With 2 kids (3.5 yo and 6 mos) I don’t have time to screw around. Any project that I embark on and any effort that I put in, need to be high impact – biggest bang for the bucks, move the needle the most – whatever you want to call it. Everything needs to be strategic and focused. It has to match where I want to take this business.

Know where you want to take your business, have a plan (which will change many times but you still need the big picture) and a vision, then every time you embark on a project, take on a client or collaborate with a JV partner, ask yourself if that effort will bring you closer to your vision. Time spent on busy work that detour you from your goal means time NOT spent on work that will create your desired business.

Beware of the “comparison trap” – if you look around all the time you will see many people doing and teaching many different things. Not only will you get into information overload and analysis paralysis, you will also fall into the “comparison trap” – thinking you have to do everything other people in your field is doing in order to succeed. Or you are afraid of being left out. Or you feel you are not good enough which is a huge blow to your self-esteem. Running around doing “me too” stuff will spread you too thin. plus the tasks and projects will not be coherent and be congruent with your vision.


There are many tactics, tasks and projects that you can do to bring you closer to your desired business. But not all of them are in congruent with your value, your brand and your personality. I have a list of ideas and projects that I want to implement, and I always pick the ones that I feel most inspired to work on.

When you are inspired, you are more likely to take ACTION – and action is what causes change, not thinking, not “let me finish this other training program”. I find that when I am inspired, my productivity skyrocket and the outcome is of much higher quality.


Persistent effort is the key – and thanks to my single-minded pig-headedness, that was part of the package.

I build my business completely online – and I cannot say it enough that building an online business takes time. Just because you can publish a blog post with a click of a button does not mean you can make money overnight. Far from that. It takes longer to build customer relationship leading to sales than pounding the pavement and doing in-person sessions. However, the payoff is huge because you are building a platform that you can reach millions and millions all over the world, while leverage your time and effort so you can work less and earn more.

Do the work, do it every (work) day. Implement, take action. Don’t give up.

I can’t put in the elbow grease for you, but you can certainly PICK MY BRAIN for some smart strategies!

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  1. Thanks for such an inspiring post. My 2 takeaways: When you are busy, as you were with 2 young kids, you have less time to “fool around” chasing after bright shiny objects. I have 1 child, am a single Mom and can totally relate. Secondly, I too like to build my business mostly online. I do some offline marketing, but my passion is online. It truly does take time. But integrating social media, video and relationship marketing strategies can truly give you an edge.

    Also, I am not afraid to take those online relationships, offline, with quick ‘getting to know’ each other calls, skype, etc.

    Thanks again for sharing.


  1. […] C’s into my day – client care, product creation and campaign promotion. Make sure I am working smart and taking inspired actions that are aligned with my goals. Only interruptions allowed are: feeding kid #2, changing poopie […]

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