3 No-Cost Handy-Dandy List Building Tools

I am always on the lookout for tools and tactics to grow my list. There are a bunch of “real estates” on your website you can leverage to promote your free opt-in gift and get more people to sign up for your list so you can build that “like know and trust” factor.

During the past couple of weeks, I came across a couple of wordpress plug-ins that are pretty awesome. Each one of them took me less than 15 min to set up – well worth it!!

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1. “WP Super Pop Up”

This plug-in allows you to create a “pop-up” (technically, a lightbox overlay) that is displayed when people first arrive at your site (you can set the frequency to say, every 14 days, so it’s much less annoying).

The plug-in lets you put any content on that pop-up, so you can set up a nice graphic and add the sign up box html code to get people sign up to get your free gift and onto your mailing list.

I have heard great conversion rates on this “pop-up” tactic for a while (from coaches I trust), but was not completely sold…  until now! Since I installed it a week ago, I have been steadily getting at least 3 new sign-ups per day (without actively driving traffic)!

{note: it’s not mobile responsive, so the overlay may block the entire screen when viewed on a smartphone, but I think it’s worth the tradeoff }


2. “Genesis 404 Page”

If you use Genesis’ Child’s Theme for your site, grab this plug-in. It allows you to create a custom 404 error page (it’s the page you get to if the URL is not valid) – you can maximize the real estate of this error page by including a free offer sign up form. See it in action here.

Don’t use Genesis? Check out “404 To Start” – it allows you to redirect 404 error to any page, so you can create a hidden page as if it’s a custom 404 page, then point to that URL.


3. Hello Bar

Not a WP plug-in and works for other platforms as well. It’s that little green bar at the top of this website  – you can feature your free gift with a link to sign up. Super easy to set up, get it here.

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