3 Newsletter Success Tips

I have an awesome list – loyal, high quality and responsive. My newsletters make me money.

But it does not happen by magic. Effort has gone into building a relationship with my peeps and cultivating the “like, know and trust” factor to result in high open rate and high conversion rate.

I can go on and on about email marketing – I actually love writing my newsletter. But, I don’t want you to glaze over so here are the 3 things you want to keep in mind to really move the needle for your email marketing effort:

  1. Find Your Voice, Be Yourself – the tone of your newsletter needs to reflect your brand. Your clients want to be communicating with a person. They want to feel connected with you – this is a great way to build trust.
  2. Offer Valuable and Relevant Content – your newsletter needs to offer valuable content that is relevant to your target market. Who wants to have another item jamming up their inbox if it does not offer a solution to their biggest challenges or deepest desire?
  3. Include a Call-To-Action – don’t assume your readers know what to do to take a next step with you. It can be as simple as asking them to contact you for a discovery session. If you are writing about a specific topic, and you have a program or product that is relevant, your CTA could be “see how [your info product or one-month program on that topic] can help you xyz”. Make the CTA action oriented, and always include a hyperlink that people can click through to learn more about what you are offering.

Make setting up your newsletter more than just a writing exercise – grab the Magical Email Newsletter Template, and the “30 Tactics to Boost Your Email Marketing” Guide.



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