My “3 Clients In 2 Days” Magic Bullet – And YOU Have One Too!

I have practiced Pilates (mat) for 10 years, and my current teacher definitely delivers the “hardest Pilates class ever.” You would think she does some crazy moves, but no, everything is so pared down that when people watch from the outside they think we are not doing a thing, when, in fact, our cores are working their ass off.

IntentionalPRECISION + INTENTION. We don’t have to do a lot of things, or perform crazy moves or stunts to get results. Going into anything with CLEAR INTENTION will save you a lot of grief and give you effective results. With clear intention you can PARE DOWN your actions to the bare minimum for the precise results you want, and that will save you a load of time and money. ELEGANCE.

This teacher does NOT demo while we do our exercises. She wants us to internalize the moves (instead of using external references or trying to achieve a certain “form”). Looking around for EXTERNAL REFERENCES means our necks and heads will be moving “out of line” with the spine – MISALIGNMENT can cause serious injuries.

If we constantly look around for “external references” in our businesses, we risk getting out of alignment with our CORE… Do you fall into “Comparison Traps“? Are you chasing your tail with the latest “programs” or “trainings” hoping for some “magic bullet” lurking somewhere on the interwebs?

You Already Have the Magic Bullet – Right Here, Right Now

It is called your SUPERPOWER. It is the MOST MARKETABLE asset you have and all you need to do is realize it, acknowledge it, own it and step up to it. Not rocket science, right?

The biggie is to step up and OWN THE FRUITCAKE OUT OF IT.

Tell the world about it before you feel “secure” in your superpower – because when you step up, the universe will crank it up for you. TRUST. (You certainly don’t need to read another book, do another training, get another certification. Your superpower is innate – all you need to do is to let it out!)

How do I know? Because I jumped off the cliff on this one while I was still looking for the “how to make a parachute” manual. And I signed 3 new clients in 2 days.

Here is what happened:

I have been having a few “curl up and suck my thumb” weeks as I was working through this “self-expression” piece in my biz. I was feeling disconnected from the “identity” of a plain ole “business coach” with an expertise in “online marketing” (which has thankfully been shattered mercilessly). There is SOOO much more I do for my clients, and what they get out of working with me is ultra-clarity at the soul level to support the implementation of their next steps – smart marketing strategies (yes, I do that too, but I am not defined by them.)

It wasn’t fun when all these were stewing in my head but yet to take shape. It felt so close yet so far away. Elusive. Misalignment of message and purpose put a ding on the flow of things. When things weren’t happening the way I “expected”, self-doubts ensued. (The “expectation” thing got shattered mercilessly along the way, as well.)

A couple of weeks ago I was done with this “stewing” and I “came clean” in this “epic newsletter“. Clear INTENTION paired with precise ACTION always yield great results.

I offered a one-off Business Soul-Storm Session that totally focused on my intuitive gifts to help people find CLARITY, and nail the SOUL of their businesses. I have not “tested” this format at all, I just went ahead and charge for it – because I KNOW that’s what I do AM. There is no question, not a doubt, that I can totally rock it. The ten sessions were snapped up, and with each purchase, I felt the universe stepped in for me and cranked up my intuitive gifts – so much so that I felt I was drowning in psychic soup for the entire week.

Long story short, folks LOVED those sessions and were totally amazed how quickly I nailed their message, uncover what they secretly want, illuminate what they are unable to see within themselves, or their “between the lines” fears or limiting beliefs. They re-ignited the passion for their biz and quite a few of them decided to continue working with me.

Really, I just said what I had to say and be who I really am. That’s it.
Pared down to the bones, losing what is not mine –
the baggages of preconception, labels, expectations, conclusions…

COURAGE is required to let go of all the “external magic bullets” so you can create the SPACE for YOU to come through. (Check out this Epic Hangout for more on this topic)

Without these external references, WHAT ARE YOU?

Are you ready to cut through the crap and get to the CORE of things for you and your biz? Hook yourself up with a Business Soul-Storm Session – 30 min, ULTRA-CLARITY for your biz. No BS, no sugar-coating, pure gut-punching truth.

I recommend getting a 30 minute [Business Soul-Storm] Session with Ling to quickly discover what internal blockages may be holding you back in your business. She is very intuitive, honest and straight-forward to get to the heart of the matter very quickly. Due to her insights, I have changed my focus and mindset as I create and deliver my programs which has been very empowering.

Dr. Roopa Chari, M.D., Chari Center of Health,

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