15 Online Hot Spots to Drive Traffic to Your Website

1.    Ads in your email newsletter
2.    Ads in other people’s email newsletters
3.    Emails you send to your list
4.    Emails other people send to their lists
5.    The signature message on your individual emails
6.    Your Facebook profile and posts
7.    Your Twitter page and tweets
8.    Your Linked-In profile
9.    Links on other people’s websites
10.    Links in articles published in online article banks
11.    Links in your e-books or other educational resources
12.    Links in other people’s e-books or educational resources
13.    Links/ads in online events where you’re a speaker or sponsor
14.    Ads/articles on other people’s blogs
15.    Links/posts on active online forums full of your ideal clients

To make your website a truly effective hub, you need an opt-in box with an enticing free gift designed to attract your ideal clients. Make sure you ask for your visitor’s name and email address in exchange for the gift.

When you publish ads in your email newsletter they will link back to opt-in pages or sales pages so people know how to get more support from you. Dedicated emails you send to your list should always link back to specific web pages.

The Most Important Thing To Remember: all of your ads, articles, emails and posts should include a clear call to action for 1 thing at a time. Depending on the focus of your current marketing campaign, invite people to 1 web page in each ad, article, email or post. Do not give them several different links or choices at once.


excerpted from Vrinda Normand’s Irresistible Ezine

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