10 Questions for Creating Your Ideal Client Profile

Use these questions to create a profile for your ideal client. When you create your marketing copy, imagine you are talking to her and addressing her needs.

  1. What is keeping her up at night (as related to your service)?
  2. What is she mad at? Who does she blame for things that are not going well/lack of success – by defining who she blames, you can establish a “common enemy”. By defining her frustration, you can tell her you have a solution.
  3. What are her 3 top daily frustration (even if they are not related to your service)?
  4. What is her day like?
  5. What does she secretly desire most? Uncover the motivating factor – remember, people buy with emotion.
  6. How old is she? Is there an age bias in your target market?
  7. Any gender bias in your target?
  8. Does your ideal client have children? For an ideal client with children, family and life-work balance will play a role in your message.
  9. What is her income?
  10. Where does she live? This will help you target local partners and wellness facilities.

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